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Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) Power Division, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources
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Last updated: 23rd October 2022

Achievement in energy efficiency & conservation sector

Achievement in energy efficiency & conservation sector in the last five years:

  • Preparation of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Master Plan up to 2030 & Action Plan for Energy Efficiency and Conservation;
  • Preparation of Energy Efficiency & conservation rules 2016;
  • Formulation of Energy Audit Regulation-2018;
  • Conducting 16 energy audits in residential, commercial buildings industries;
  • Conducting 4 energy audits in state-owned industries;

  • Conducting 13 energy audits in public buildings;

  • Low interest (4%) financing for using energy-efficient equipment/machineries in industrial, building & commercial sectors under Energy Efficiency & Conservation Promotion Financing Project;
  • Introducing 9% interest refinancing scheme for energy-efficient equipment through commercial banks in cooperation with Bangladesh Bank;
  • Policy making for financing environment-friendly & green industry through Bangladesh Bank;
  • Incorporation of energy efficiency & conservation related subject in "Bangladesh National Building Code" ;
  • Introducing energy efficiency and conservation schooling program & conducting awareness program educational institutions;
  • Creating awareness about energy efficiency and conservation among the students of college & university level through seminar, symposium & innovation fair;
  • Replacing of conventional inefficient bulbs by energy efficient LED bulbs in streets of various municipality & city corporations;
  • Preparation and implementation of Country Action Plan for Clean Cook Stove 2013;
  • Innovation and marketing of energy efficient improved cook stoves;
  • Inspiring to install waste heat recovery and cogeneration systems amongst the entrepreneurs who have captive power generation in their industries;
  • Installation of Improved Rice Parboiling System;
  • Preparation of the draft of “Building  Energy and Environment Rating (BEER) System” and its’ Guideline”;
  • Preparation of the draft of  “Standard and Labeling of appliance Regulation” in cooperation with SREDA & BSTI.
  • Preparation of the Electric Vehicle Charging Guideline incorporating various features like; electric vehicle charging system, charging station installation, charging & electrical safety standard, service charge, tariff structure, overall condition of the power grid as a result of conventional power consumption to promote the energy-efficient environment-friendly electric vehicle in Bangladesh.