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Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) Power Division, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources
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Last updated: 19th April 2020

Solar Rooftop

Most of the Roof-tops in the commercial and residential buildings are lying vacant either fully or partially. The Grid PV system is an independent Solar Power Plant which can provide power to the individual requirement as well as feed power to the local distribution system. It indeed an effective solution in the grid connected urban areas by generating AC.


Govt. has identified this one as the potential side to install solar power and has issued directives as a pre-condition to get new electricity connection to install solar panel by the consumers to meet their certain percentage of their load. Govt. is also trying to encourage industries to install solar panels to offset a portion of their energy demand from renewable energy. Estimated solar power capacity addition from this project shall be 20 MW.

Solar Roof-top solution at Bangladesh Bank


Solar Roof-top at Wapda Bhaban