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Last updated: 21st April 2020

Energy Star Labeling

About 30% of our electricity is consumed in residential sector, mostly by electric home appliances. Introduction of EE Labeling Program is quite timely and effective to promote EE&C in residential sector. SREDA is going to initiated the national EE Labeling Program.  Under UNDP-BRESL Project a framework of this program has been developed with the following components:


Role-share among related organizations

Bangladesh Standardization and Testing Institute (BSTI) will concentrate on standardization (issue of BDSs) and conduction of EE measurement tests. Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) will join in the program for maintaining laboratories’ test reliability by issuing accreditation. SREDA being the nodal agency, will  coordinate and manage the program in association with BSTI.

The manufacturers and importers are also the key players/ stakeholders of the program . They are expected to join in the program voluntarily, complying with the labeling rules. Also, they are expected to join in stakeholder meetings for developing and/or improving the program elements such as EE measurement method and star rating criteria, due to their technical skill and information about market condition.


Assurance of EE label’s reliability

Manufacturers will be allowed to use the label certification by the authority subject to 3rd party laboratories’ EE test performance and positive recommendation. This will ensure reliability and transparency in the labeling program


Framework of EE Labeling Program

Framework of EE Labeling Program is a set of common rules, covering all appliances like CFL, refrigerator, AC, TV, electric fan, electronic ballast, induction motor. The regulation can give administrative power on the relevant Bangladesh Standards (BDSs) by means of introducing BDSs, in which EE measurement methods are fully stated. Star rating criteria will be directly shown in the regulation, and will not be issued as BDSs, because star rating criteria must be designed considering  social and economic viewpoints, besides BDSs mainly stipulates technical issues.


Capacity development of laboratories for applying mandatory program

SREDA will start EE Labeling Program as a voluntary basis and shift to mandatory, in order to spread the program through all parties. In case of the mandatory program, the Government must provide EE testing service for the all manufacturers and importers, which want to get EE data on their products. Therefore, governmental testing agencies, including BSTI have to develop EE test capacity urgently.