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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ১৮ August ২০২১


With the technical support of REEEP II GIZ Bangladesh, the establishment of National Solar Help Desk (NSHD) at SREDA is complete, which will eventually support the roll out of the Rooftop Solar nationwide as a one stop service center. This platform creates a common structure to support the successful implementation of rooftop solar projects under net metering, it contains necessary information from the perspective of the public sector, private sector, financial sector, utilities, as well as from SREDA. 

GFA Consulting Group, as an implementation partner of REEEP II covered all aspects for NSHD, arranged for necessary orientation and support, gathered all information and documents, and mobilized its officers and executives to offer effective services to the stakeholders of rooftop solar in cooperation with SREDA management and officials. 

NSHD has completed all preparations to offer services to consumers, investors and stakeholders of Solar Rooftop Projects. Users can now confirm appointment for online services and avail desired services at their preferred time during office hours except public holidays. Users will also have option for physical meetings or telephonic discussion for special needs using different option of the same appointment system.